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About Legion

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What is Legion?

Legion is a design system created as a comprehensive solution to address the challenges faced by Telkom Indonesia’s digital product team, striving for consistency, quality, and an exceptional user experience in a rapidly expanding landscape of brands and products. It serves as the definitive source of truth during the product development process, fostering productivity and collaboration, ultimately enabling us to deliver our finest digital products efficiently and effectively.

Boost Efficiency with Legion

boost efficiency

Legion as Multi-Brand Design System helps us work together to create a more delightful and consistent experience across the product. Through an atomic design, approach to methodically craft a single source of truth from all UI components and patterns, paired with documentation to help clarify and focus our efforts on building the best user experience.

We’re different and powerful

We have thousands of User Interface components, tons of colour variations, a complete set of icons, multiple font styles, useful grids, patterns, and many other reusable assets to help us make cross-brand UI design and development as fast as possible while maintaining high quality and accessibility for more than 10 digital product brands.

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And many more…

Save your time and build more

Our goal's to empower designers and developers to iterate together using the same components or patterns in the same medium. As a result, we believe that we can increase efficiency and consistency, and scalability when building our products.

boost efficiency

Our advanced features

Experience accessibility, customization, and efficiency in one package. Enhance inclusivity, customize components with ease, and optimize your workflow.


Follow the specifications of accessibility level, so you can make inclusive digital products to enhance the user experience standard of digital products


Every product can customize components and pattern styles according to their needs in the same system with easy maintenance


Ensures the maximum quality of time spent on code and design, with minimal wasted energy, to achieve the same results

one system

One system for all


Get more time to make a delightful product experience by familiarizing themselves with the style, design documentation, or guideline to define and build the interfaces using our design library.


If something is unclear on the designer mockups, we will be your guide if you have questions about the detailed implementation of a particular component or source code pattern.


You can use this design system as the resource for proposing ideas within an existing component base to increase speed and agility. Save time and grow faster by knowing the product design and development