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A star rating component is a user interface element that allows users to provide feedback or rate items by selecting a number of stars, typically ranging from one to five.

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The Rating component is a user interface element designed to collect and display user feedback or ratings for products, services, or content.

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  1. A set of symbols (e.g., stars, thumbs, hearts) representing the available rating options.
  2. Visual feedback when users hover over or interact with a rating symbol, indicating interactivity.


Rating components can be used in a variety of contexts, such as:

  • Product pages
  • Review sites
  • Social media platforms
  • Customer surveys
  • Feedback forms

When to use

  • When you want to collect feedback from users about a product, service, or experience.
  • When you want to allow users to compare different products, services, or experiences based on their ratings.
  • When you want to use ratings to improve your product, service, or experience.

When not to use

  • When you need to collect detailed feedback from users.
  • When you need to collect ratings for a complex product, service, or experience.
  • When you need to collect ratings from a large number of users.


To ensure that the Rating component is accessible to all users, consider the following guidelines:

  • Make sure that the rating component fully navigable and interact using a keyboard.
  • Ensure to avoid relying solely on color to convey meaning, and ensure sufficient contrast for symbol visibility.
  • Maintain visible focus indicators on interactive elements for keyboard users.
  • Provide appropriate ARIA labels and roles to make the rating symbols and labels understandable to screen reader users.
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Use colors with good contrast.

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Never use colors with poor contrast, like similar shade of the same color.

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Choose right symbol for rating scale.

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Never use symbol wihtout clear purpose.


When implementing the Rating component, consider the following content guidelines:

  • Include a concise label or title that indicates what is being rated.
  • Use clear and universally recognizable symbols (e.g., stars) for user ratings.
  • Optionally, include tooltips that provide additional context when users hover over rating symbols.
  • Display a confirmation message after users submit their rating to acknowledge their input.