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Project Setup

Workspace setup to start Legion Design Library

banner-Project Setup

Project Structure

To get the best out of your work in Figma, it helps to keep your designs projects orderly so you can easily cooperate with all stakeholders. Giving your projects a clear structure helps keep everyone on the same page

Project Naming

Make sure in advance the structure and type of your design project, whether it is a tribe or ecosystem and name it in the following format

  • Ecosystem Project : Ecosystem (Ecosystem Name), ex : Ecosystem Logee
  • Tribe Project : Tribe of (Tribe Name), ex : Tribe of Education (EDU)
project setup

Folder Naming

If the structure and type of your design project have been adjusted, then the next step is to name the project folder according to the following format

  • Ecosystem Project : (Tribe Name) - (Squad Name), ex : IHX - My Indihome X
  • Tribe Project : (Squad Name), ex : Pijar Belajar
folder naming

Design System Folder

Don’t forget to create a folder containing all the tribe or ecosystem design system files to be used as a library in one project.

design system folder

File Structure

The figma design file structure contains the design that is being made by the designer and needs to be standardized in page composition so as to make it easier to read the contents of the created design file. There are 2 option template that can be used as a guide. You can used the template file with click See Tempalte, then duplicate and move or drag to your ptoject folder.

file structure

Option : Sprint Template

Used in the project is to use sprint calculations, it is more advisable to use this version, by breaking up sprints per page, due to the large number of sprints & screens made in 1 sprint.

See Template

project structure

Option : Version Template

Used in the project is to use versioning, for example Hifi v.1, Hifi v.2 and so on. it is better to use this version by placing the sprint on the page version (eg Hifi v.1) because it is possible that there are not many sprints & screens. Usually used on existing apss/design when revamping.

See Tempalte

File Name & Thumbnail

Then please adjust the thumbnail and design file naming with the following format

  • File Thumbnail : Use a thumbnail with a minimum of Squad Name, platform & annotation information from the file
  • File Naming : For writing the file name can be adjusted to the format (Info / Platform) - (Squad Name)
file and thumbnail