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Used to bring clarity and structure to a layout

Component Status Details

Status component contains a list of checks and completeness that has been tested and owned by each component

We don't use color as the only visual tool to convey information.
The component’s structure and properties include relevant options such as variant, style, size, orientation, optional iconography, decorations, selection, error state, etc. The title is the component name that uses the frame base component template. The base component name contains: .Base & "Component Name" if there is more than one. All component properties use the Legion foundation.
We can change all the parts that are connected to the component base. The inside of the base component remains connected to the master component. All variant options are not damaged when we change from one to another. Overriding changes to components will not reset other variants.
Component's already has component specs documentation.





The LGNDivider is a custom view that can be used to visually separate vertical content in a user interface.

You can use LGNDivider with the following appearances:

  • With text or without text
  • Text size
  • Defined thickness of divider
  • Color of divider
  • Leading and trailing padding


Example of LGNDivider using text and padding

usage iOS divider
text: "Sign up",
font: LGNFont.bodySmallRegular,
color: LGNColor.tertiary300,
padding: 10)

Example of LGNDivider without text and padding

usage iOS divider
font: LGNFont.bodySmallRegular,
color: LGNColor.primary500)

Example of LGNDivider with defined thickness level

usage iOS divider
text: "Sign up",
font: LGNFont.bodySmallRegular,
thickness: 7,
color: LGNColor.secondary500)


PropertiesDescriptionDefault Value
TextText content for dividerempty string
FontFont attribute for textno default value
ThicknessManage the thickness of divider1
ColorColor to be used for the text and dividerLGNColor.tertiary800
PaddingDivider’s leading and trailing padding0