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Guide for usage Legion Design Library to your screen

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Community Design Library

We have also released a design library to the figma community, which can be used to create a digital product design with foundation templates and UI Kit components that you can use directly or customize as needed. You can access the figma community page @telkomdesign.

Usage Library

Legion community UI Kit provides you with all the components that Legion design system use. Component variants give you the same flexibility and component configurations.

  1. Open our community profile

  2. Select the file you need, or if from scratch you can select foundation first

  3. Click “Get a copy” button to duplicate file your selected to draft

  4. Change the foundation properties with your product style and publish as a library

  5. Select and “Get a copy” the component file

  6. Connected your foundation before to the component from .base component on each page

  7. Publish component as library and you can use both of library to craft or styling your design screen

usage library external