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Present data visualization from the variation of information

Component Status Details

Status component contains a list of checks and completeness that has been tested and owned by each component



The use case of dashboards contains a collection of dashboard study cases that are commonly found and collected from many sites. Dashboard use cases will provide examples of component combinations in the dashboard according to its needs and functions.

Case : Sales Monitoring Dashboard

Live Preview

User Story: As an admin, I want to monitor and manage the sales performance and activities of the salesperson in the company

Requirement Scenario/Acceptance Criteria

  • Provide an overview of the real-time, day-to-day progress of sales activities.

  • Provide information on sales goals and their progress (target transactions, orders, retention customers, etc).

  • Provide information on sales reports and download options.

  • Provide the history of the transaction process (Profit, Earnings, Expenses, etc.).

  • Provide more transparency by adding information such as a tooltip, filters, and pagination.

Pros and Cons

This pattern enables users to efficiently track and monitor indicators of activities.

This dashboard does not suitable for users who want to see analytical information.

Case : Customer Service Monitoring Dashboard

Live Preview

User Story: As a customer service agent, I want to monitor and manage the activities of completing the support for customers’ needs

Requirement Scenario/Acceptance Criteria

  • The data view focuses on the day-to-day activity of customers’ services.

  • Provide total data on the support request made by the customers.

  • Provide total data of complaints received & resolved.

  • Provide the detail of each support response time.

  • Provide the average response time.

  • Provide customer satisfaction feeadback.

Pros and Cons

This pattern is suitable for tracking and creating actionable information.

The data visualization in this pattern is not varied, focusing on presenting simple data.

Case : Web Analytic Dashboard

Live Preview

User Story: As a website user, I want to display and track web performance metrics of my website (such as traffic, bounce rate, conversion rate, and session duration)

Requirement Scenario/Acceptance Criteria

  • Provide overview of website audience (number of users, bounce rate, page views, and session duration).

  • Provide detail information of website session by channel.

  • Provide detail information of top 5 page most viewed.

  • Provide option to view and filter the data based on selected date

  • Provide option to download or easily share the full reports (convert to excel, pdf, etc)

Pros and Cons

This pattern enables showing real-time traffic data and creating customization reports based on the collected data.

Avoid this pattern to create an actionable dashboard, this pattern is intended to display information to provide insights for decision-making.

Case : Product Performance Management Dashboard

Live Preview

User Story: As an admin, I want to gather and analyze the data of performance and information about my product’s growth and success

Requirement Scenario/Acceptance Criteria

  • Provide overview of all product KPI’s (Customers growth, Conversions, and Revenue.).

  • Provide total number & detailed information of transactions periodically (weekly, monthly).

  • Provide information of target progress and achievements.

  • Provide ability to filter & monitor trends based on (Revenue, Profit, Expenses).

  • Provide comparison of cashflow from all transactions.

Pros and Cons

This pattern provides the ability to track the product's KPI consistently in real-time updates.

There's might be an individual or team learning curve according to the KPI used in the dashboard.