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Guide for installing Legion to your development



If you want clone this project or install SDK in your project, please make sure you Already have at least these below:

  • Android Studio: Flamigo version 2022.2.1 or higher
  • Gradle Version: 8.0
  • JDK: Java Development Kit 17 or higher
  • Terminal: If you using Mac or Linux you can use native terminal, but if you using Windows you can use Gitbash or Hyper or another terminal that can run bash scripts
  • Git Client: If you using Mac or Linux you can use embaded git client, but if you using Windows you can use Gitbash
  • Android Version : Android Lollipop 5.1.1 SDK 22 or higher

Install Legion SDK to Your Project

Proxy and Authentication

  1. Open your global directory on with Terminal:

For Windows : C:\Users\<you>\.gradle\

cd C:\Users\<you>\.gradle

For Mac/Linux:

  • /Users/<you>/.gradle/ or
  • /home/<you>/.gradle/ or
  • ~/.gradle/
cd ~/.gradle
  1. Create global, If you already have it, you can skip this step
  1. Add Credentials to global ` Credentials Placeholder : as for how to get the credentials, please fill in following form to gain access for all the necessary things you need, after you receive it you can replace the placeholder ?? with gained credentials.
echo "legion_username=??" >> && echo "legion_password=??" >>
  1. Add Legion Gitlab Registry on Gradle

Gradle Version 7

dependencyResolutionManagement {
repositories {
maven {
name "Legion"
url ""

Install or Add Dependency

  1. Add UI Kit Dependency on build.gradle
dependencies {
implementation platform('com.telkom.legion:android-platform:1.41.2')
implementation 'com.telkom.legion:android-component'
implementation 'com.telkom.legion:android-extension'
  1. Add Jetifier Support on Project
android.enableJetifier = true;

Run Prototype Project

If you want runing prototype project, We very recomended working git using ssh instead of https

git clone ssh://
// Open Legion Project Dir
cd legion-android
// Start Compile APK Prototype
./gradlew assembleDebug